Rajah Murgh Association of Puerto Rico
     Asociacion de Rajah Murghs de Puerto Rico

Asil Breeding Standard


short, thick, powerful, ivory or horn-coloured.

bright, rather prominent, iris white and pearl like, the eyelids a pointed oval, a bloodshot tinge in the iris is seen in some birds. Yellow coloured eyes are acceptable in young birds.

pea or triple comb, short, thick and low set.
Note: in Puerto Rico the technical committee (a governmental institution) has ruled that dubbing is obligatory for all gamefowl. This goes for all comb types (single, peacomb, etcetera).

Must be absent, a slight ridge is acceptable. Earlobes red.

large and slightly elongated, jaw and cheekbones large, forming a socket which is embedding the eye, the face covered with a little flesh, the skin tough, the throat not prominent and with as little dewlap as possible. The colour of the face is red.
medium length, inclined to short, the neck bone next to the skull prominent (horseneck). The neck bones small, the ridges fleshless, thick to feel, especially 2 or 3 inches (5 to 7½ Cm) below the head. The neck should feel thick and strong.

broad and flat. Viewed from above back and wings are betelnut-shaped (similar shape to a hazelnut). A slightly rounded bulge (muscle tissue) at the hips is acceptable.

broad, carried well to the body. They must be muscular and fleshless, with hard strong rather strong quill feathers.

Thrown out, wide, muscular, hard, the flesh where showing through the feathers on breast, thighs and shoulder joints.

the belly small, the fleshy tail protuberance large, broad and very strong (not too flexible)

The sickle feathers of medium length, narrow, scimitar shaped (also known as whip tail), pointed, drooping from the base, less curved than other breeds, feathers, not carried above the horizontal, close together, cloak and and saddle feathers pointing backward than in other breeds.

compact and muscular

Of medium length, big, round, hard and muscular, sparsely feathered (the flesh often shining through), in line with the body, and not so wide as his wings when the bird faces you.

thick and square, down the front, not round in matured birds. Two rows of scales acceptable but three rows are preferred. Shank colour: white is preferred but yellow is acceptable too. Dark coloured birds may show dark pigmentation. Orange or red-coloured spots on the shanks are acceptable.  
Straight, thick, yet tapering and strong, nails very broad, strong, curved and white. The spurs should have a proper thickness.
Their shape either slightly curved or straight. Long thin natural spurs are a fault.  

Hard and short. Note: in Puerto Rico it is custom to shave the belly and the thighs of the bird for cooling purposes. 

the carriage of the Asil has to be upright, standing firmly and well on its legs, the bird handsome, sprightly and shapely, and quick as a snake in its movements. A standing bird viewed from the side should have its eye and middle toe nail in a parallel line.

The weight of an adult cock in proper condition should not exceed 3 Kilograms (7 Lbs).

the crow of the Asil is unlike that of any other breed, being short, as if cut off at the end. The plumage has little or no underfluff. The hen with exemptions for sex typical physical points , should resemble the cock in all points.

When properly trained Asil cocks are quiet easy to handle and are never savage in the hand. They like to be handled and stroked and one can pick up an Asil at any time when at liberty.