Rajah Murgh Association of Puerto Rico
     Asociacion de Rajah Murghs de Puerto Rico

Club Rules

Club membership for a new member can only take place by  recommendation through existing club members.

Decisions taken by the judge are final.

Tournament participation is for members only or by an invitation issued by the club committee. 

Betting is not allowed.

The birds are weighed on a scale, weighing must be witnessed by the judge or other  representatives
appointed by the club. The owners of the birds must agree to the weight and size of the birds matched.

Birds on agreement by both owners can be spurred with either plastic spurs (postiza-type) or used with their natural spurs.  Each match is divided into 4 rounds of each 15 minutes. Between each round a 5 minute  with in between each round a 5 minute rest period is allowed. When one of the bird touches the ground with its body, the judge starts the count. When the bird on the ground does not get back on its feet before the end of the 1 minute counting period it will loose the match. When both birds are still standing after 4 rounds, the match will be declared a draw. The owner may pick up his bird any time which automatically means loosing the match.    

Each bird is treated by two handlers. Both parties may only use water from the same water bucket and water sprayers. Other fluids or substances are strictly prohibited. All handling is carried out in front of the judge.

Members must always show sportmanship. Improper conduct and or violation of the club rules can lead to a temporarily or permanent suspension of club membership.